Instant Expert: iPhone/iPad Videography: Video Hardware and Apps for Your iPhone and iPad

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YouTube Capture



This app allows you to capture video on your iDevice at full resolution, perform basic color correction, stabilization and trimming, and then upload to YouTube. An iPad-optimized version is in the works.

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It’s a free photo app, but don’t dismiss it as simply a consumer toy. Momentsia lets you create photo collages inspired by artist-created tile patterns and color combinations that could easily be used in pro productions. Take a look. The price is right.

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The Padcaster



We’ve featured this product before because it’s my favorite iGadget of 2012. Mount your iPad in the Padcaster. Put it on a tripod or a shoulder rig. Add lights or mics to the many threaded holes. For another $50, add hardware that allows the use of DSLR lenses (Lenscaster option). Make your iPad a DSLR for stills or video. It’s unique.

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Free with PixelFlow account

PixelFlow is a cloud-based video collaboration service. Accounts are available at various price points based on capacity. (PixelFlow plans start at $15/month for 10 GB of storage and a 2 GB monthly upload allowance.) Collaborate, comment and approve, all in the cloud. The free iPixelFlow app allows streaming of material from a PixelFlow cloud account to either iPhone/iPad or to Apple TV via AirPlay.

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MiC and ZGrip iPhone Jr. Kit

Apogee Electronics


Known for its audio peripherals, Apogee adds the Mic/ZGrip iPhone Jr. to its line of offerings. This kit includes Apogee’s studio-quality microphone (MiC) with a connector to iPhone/iPad as well as phone and desktop tripod mounts. It also includes Zacuto’s ZGrip iPhone Jr. mount for your iPhone. Pair the microphone with your iPad in The Padcaster for amazing audio. (MiC is available standalone from Apogee for $199 and ZGrip iPhone Jr. is available from Zacuto for $69.)

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Florian Baron


While it may seem appropriate only for amateur photographers, you never know when a pro like you might want to transform an image into a kaleidoscope. The app is based on an interactive installation of the same name by video artist Florian Baron and was coded by Mario Pörner. Videos taken from the app are divided into 12 different segments, similar to the face of a clock. Only one of the segments is in real time, while the rest feature an adjustable time delay.  

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iPhone SLR Mount



The next three products are highlights from way-cool vendor Photojojo! The iPhone SLR mount, a case/adapter combo available in both Canon and Nikon versions, lets you mount your Canon EOS or Nikon SLR lenses to your iPhone 4/4S. Magnification factor might be pretty great, so use wider lenses.

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Rotating stand for iPhone that allows taking 360° time lapse videos. The principle is so simple—think kitchen timer. Attach the camera, point the lens where you want it to end up, twist and start recording. Camalapse rotates 90° in 15 minutes, so it’ll do a full 360° in an hour with no batteries required. You can mount any small camera to it, not just an iPhone. Camalapse with Glif tripod adapter option is $45.

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iPhone Lens Dial



Reminds me of the days of early film and television cameras. Attaches to your iPhone and gives you a lens turret with fisheye (0.33x), wide angle (0.7x) and telephoto (1.5x) lenses. To switch between lenses, just rotate the disk.

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FiLMiC Pro



Another product we’ve already covered, but I think this is the best video capture app for iPhone and iPad. FiLMiC Pro offers four focus and exposure modes, audio metering, configurable video encoding options, variable frame rates—it’s hard to believe it does so much so well for so little. A must-have for any iDevice videographer.

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Black Metal, Murder and Mayhem: 'Lords of Chaos'

"At the end of the day, these were just young, passionate kids who had a lot of energy and some really big ideas, but played around with some dangerous stuff in the quest for fame, or infamy or whatever you want to call it. And ultimately, it got out of their control."

The Switch Announces Senior Executive Change

The Switch announced today that company co-founder, Scott Beers, is stepping down as Chief Executive Officer, as part of the company's continued-growth succession plan, effective immediately. The company's board of directors named Keith Buckley, who was recruited as Mr. Beers' successor and is the current President and COO, as its new President and CEO. Mr. Buckley, a 25-year veteran of the media services and telecom industries, was appointed to his current role by True Wind Capital Management in August 2017.

Proco Sound Now Shipping AoD Output Module Ahead of Nab 2018

ProCo Sound, manufacturer of a range of audio interface products, is now shipping its AoD Ouput Module ahead of NAB 2018 (Central Hall - Booth: C2322). Designed to ensure studio-quality, low-latency audio transport over any Dante network, the AoD Output Module features a Dante audio input and two channels of analog output from a rugged aluminum extrusion housing.