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Inside the Subtle Structure of Food Critic Documentary ‘City of Gold’

Filmmaker Laura Gabbert talks to Moveable Fest about her new documentary City of Gold, centered on the Pulitzer Prize-winning Los Angeles food critic Jonathan Gold. Though the film focuses on Gold, it also really ends up being about the diverse city of Los Angeles itself, and the stories of the many restaurant owners within it.

“It took us a year to edit the film because the structure was really hard to find,” Gabbert explains. “It is somewhat episodic — it doesn’t have a classic first, second or third act and there’s not a lot of conflict or a real narrative arc, so it was a subtle structure where you had to find these emotional arcs and the idea of putting all the personal stuff about his family towards the end helped us find it because it felt like you earn knowing that stuff about him, his background and his dad and his brother and all of that.”