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Inside Season 2 of ‘Inside Amy Schumer’

The second season of Comedy Central’s successful sketch show, Inside Amy Schumer, premieres tonight and CableFax Portal‘s Kaylee Hultgren talks to executive producer and showrunner Dan Powell about the inner workings of the series.

Amy Schumer in

Inside Amy Schumer

. Photo by Matthew Peyton/Comedy Central.

Powell calls directing the show, which comprises of around 50 sketches and 200 pages of material this season, a challenging process. (Almost all of it was directed by a single director, Ryan McFaul). “We don’t really consider production parameters too much when we’re writing,” he says. “The goal is to get the funniest material, that speaks most to Amy’s voice and point of view, and things that Amy and Jesse [Klein] find interesting and funny and want to talk about. And then when we get to pre-production and the realities of production start to set in, there are certain changes we have to make, if there’s a venue we can’t get or something like that. But the idea is to keep the spirit of the jokes the same. It can be difficult.”

Inside Amy Schumer, along with Broad City, is one of two of Comedy Central’s new female-centric series—a departure for a network that continues to predominantly skew male. “Ultimately, maybe there are just more opportunities that are being given, which is probably that TV executives are finally coming around and giving the opportunities that they should have been giving for years now,” says Powell. “Comedy Central is a very male-skewing network, and for years, when I was there as an executive, there was this sort of terror about how… to utilize female comedians for a network that does skew so male. And I think ultimately the answer is that it has very little to do with gender. It has a lot to do with tone.”

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