Inside 'By the Sea' DP Christian Berger's Revolutionary Lighting System

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By the Sea cinematographer Christian Berger has spent years perfecting his Cine Reflect Lighting System, which uses reflectors to bounce around light from one light source, essentially creating a 360-degree shooting environment that doesn't get in the way of the actors.

"I wanted to create light that never felt like it came from a (film lamp)," Berger explains to Filmmaker Magazine. "During the day our light often comes from one source – sunlight. That’s the principal behind the system and it comes from an observation of the natural behavior of light. Using reflectors allows you to control the quantity and quality of light and then you don’t have to move the lamp anymore. It’s only a source. You move the reflectors and if you use the angle of the reflector correctly, you can perfectly steer the light and distribute it where you want. You don’t need any flags or fingers, (meaning) you don’t need stands or sandbags for those things, and that makes life quite easier on set."


TBS SPARKLE, Inc. Installs Cintel Scanner for Film Archiving

TBS SPARKLE, Inc. Installs Cintel Scanner for Film Archiving

Blackmagic Design announced today that TBS SPARKLE, Inc. has installed a Cintel Scanner and DaVinci Resolve Studio to digitize a huge amount of 16mm footage from 1955 to the 1980s. This will include the digitization of more than 3,000 films, documentaries and news shows, as well as other footage shot by TBS SPARKLE, Inc.