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Inside the Logistics of Light-Bathed Ski Film ‘Afterglow’

Sweetgrass Productions’ Nick Waggoner talks to Cool Hunting about their new branded film, “Afterglow,” which basks a snowy mountaintop and skiers in colored lights in promotion of Philips Ambilight TV.

Says Waggoner about some of the production challenges, “The logistics around this film would require a volume of texts to detail, but suffice it to say, we had a team of four full-time producers, cranking from January to March, alongside two lighting professionals, researching lights and generators, charting distances on 3D topo maps and reading photometric charts to see what we could expect. The variables were endless. We were using these lights in environments they’d never been used. Could they withstand the cold down to nightly temperatures of -15º Fahrenheit? The near constant stream of blowing snow? How would the generators rated at sea level operate at 8,000 feet? What parts would break first? How many extension chords did we need? At what gauge? Once we finally sorted out the kit—from advanced LED lights from AAdyntech that replaced 500 lb generators with 50 lb ones to our more traditional Arriflex Hollywood Cinema lights, we still had to deal with sourcing the equipment, getting it across an international border and then transporting it and a 14-person crew into the middle of nowhere.”

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