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Inside the Final Cut Pro X Workflow of ‘Focus’

Directors Jon Requa and Glenn Ficarra detail their Final Cut Pro X workflow on new feature film, Focus.

Explains Requa about the importance of the editing software’s metadata capabilities, “When you’re cutting a movie, it’s a struggle for clarity. You get fatigued and you get really tired of your footage, and you need access to a new point of view. A lot of times, the metadata provided an insight into what we were thinking when we shot it.”

“I was able to say, ‘I need Will [Smith]’s side in this take,’” Ficarra adds. “And because even his improvisations were specially tagged, we were able to filter and come out with it. The upshot was just infinite searchability. We could change direction so fast and do multiple iterations. Sometimes while we were editing we felt as if we were actually rewriting the movie.”

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