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Inside the FCP X Workflow on Indie Sci-Fi Film ‘Bokeh’

Independent sci-fi feature film


tells the story of an American couple on vacaction in Iceland who wake up one day to find that everyone else has disappeared.

Co-writer/co-director and editor 

Geoffrey Orthwein writes on about the Final Cut Pro X workflow that was used to edit the film.


often get asked how Final Cut Pro X held up on the film,” he writes. “People want to know if I will use it again for another feature. I mentioned the fun part earlier, but there’s hard truth about independent filmmaking – post-production takes a looonngg time and you’re always racing for a deadline. Rough cuts, polish cuts, fine cuts, sample cuts, VFX cuts. festival submissions, buyer screenings, picture lock, legal changes, preview screenings, reference movies for color grade, audio mix, foley, ADR, VFX, Blu-Ray discs and on and on. 

Whether its minor changes, full re-cuts, or just another reference movie, the speed and facility to go through this iteration process in Final Cut Pro X makes even these utilitarian tasks joyful.”

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