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Inside Damian Garcia’s Unobtrusive Shooting Style for ‘Mr. Pig’

Diego Luna’s directorial debut Mr. Pig is shot almost entirely with natural light, a welcome challenge for cinematographer Damian Garcia. 

“We shot only in real locations with natural light and inside a minivan with a huge hog. Trying to be consistent in look and style under those conditions and with limited time was really challenging,” Garcia tells Filmmaker Magazine. “From the beginning Diego was set on doing a film that centered around honesty and truth, which is why we decided to film in the least intrusive way possible both towards the characters and the story. So we set out to film this fictional tale as if we were peeking in to see the characters, trying to be as respectful as possible. We worked very hard trying to stick to those rules while remaining close to the story and its protagonists, and also to find images that we liked and an interesting language.”