Inside the AV of Nine Inch Nails' 'Tension' Tour

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Wired goes behind the scenes and the creative decisions that made up Nine Inch Nails' recent Tension tour, which pared down the band's usually intense, over-the-top visual elements to make a more coherent whole.

They write, "After discarding the interactive sensors, the “Tension” shows centered around two transparent LED screens that were raised and lowered throughout the show, as well as one fixed (non-transparent) high-definition V9 screen (.pdf) in the back of the band. All told, the production comprised 60 tons of rigging, including 14 magic panel lighting pods, and 7.5 tons of speakers (L-Acoustics K1 rigs) on either side of the stage. It was an architecture that was both flexible and perfectly suited to ambient soundscapes and aggressive industrial rock. From one song to another, the stage morphed dramatically from simple muted color palettes to explosions of light."

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