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INK Visualizes Data for Land Rover Video

In a new Land Rover video created by INK, the camera swoops around the Land Rover Discovery Sport, each shot pulling apart the chassis of the vehicle and revealing the mechanics hidden underneath. Says David Macey, creative director at INK, “By combining technical understanding with beautiful imagery, we hoped to create an animation that remained visually engaging while clearly and accurately explaining the Discovery Sport.”

Choreographing the loose car parts, from the initial bursting apart to the smooth and gradual reassembly, required careful thought and planning. “Maintaining the impact of the original explosion while ensuring that no shot became too visually chaotic was a fine balancing act,” says Mike Haas, animation director at INK. “We did a lot of work on the animatic before moving to rendering in [Chaos Group] V-Ray to make sure that we were really selling the shot in the best way possible.”