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‘Immortals’ Rethinks 3D Process & Opts for Conversion

The new feature film Immortals was always conceived as a 3D movie, but after shooting a few scenes in native 3D, the produces opted to go for conversion instead. The major reasons being (as always) time and money. Explains stereographer David Stump to Variety, “Shooting 3D would have required more cameras and technology, and would
have allowed fewer setups per day, with extras waiting around the block
for the battle scenes. It would have run into serious
money — a lot more than converting it. We did tests for [director] Tarsem [Singh] so he
could see what it would look like, and he signed off. We committed to
giving the characters ‘human volume’ so they wouldn’t look like flat
cardboard cutouts, and to achieve roundness in their faces.”

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