Imagine Products PrimeTranscoder Delivers Reliability at Oh Seven Films

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PrimeTranscoder has been my go-to app to get the postproduction process moving, whether the project is a documentary or an advertising piece I am shooting, and whether in 4K or HD. PrimeTranscoder compresses files with visual timecode that get shipped to the project editor and a transcription service at the end of each day. PrimeTranscoder creates an easily shippable compressed file to get the post process rolling, whether the editor is across town or across the country. Occasionally I encounter odd file types that need to be transcoded into something more useful for editorial. PrimeTranscoder has frequently saved the day, processing that oddball file into an editor-friendly ProRes file.

As the owner of Oh Seven Films, I need products I can trust. I've been using Imagine Products applications like ShotPut Pro for offloading and PreRoll Post for archiving for more than 12 years, so it was a no-brainer to look at their products when I needed a transcoding application. 

At Oh Seven Films, we shoot all over the world. I need applications that are reliable and easy to use, and Imagine Products always delivers. Their customer service is incredible, and they are open to suggestions that improve their products. The feedback options give me the sense that I am as much a part of creating the products as they are.

Mark Smith is a director of photography and owner of Oh Seven Films.

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