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Imagica Intros cinecure(3)

Imagica Corp. in Tokyo, Japan has formally introduced cinecure, a retouch, dust and scratch removal system. Cinecure is a Windows-based digital image processing system specifically designed for removing unfavorable flaws in digital imagery. When film is transferred to video by telecine or scanner, blemishes such as flakes, scratches, lint, stains and other artifacts often end up in the image. Cinecure was designed and optimized to quickly and efficiently remove these artifacts with paint and return the image to a pristine state.

There are two products in the cinecure product line: cinecure HD/SD operates directly with VTR (HD/SD) or DDR, and cinecure Data-file handles data, such as Cineon 8 bit/10 bit log or TIFF 8 bit Linear, up to 4K resolution.

Cinecure was used for a digital restoration of “Wasei kenka tomodachi” (Fighting Friends – Japanese Style), which was directed by Yasuziro Ozu in 1929, for his 100th anniversary celebration. Cinecure also has been used by Sony PCL Inc., JP CO., Ltd, Tokyo Koon and Imagica. Makoto Tsukada, director of the Engineering Solutions Division at Imagica states, “cinecure was developed in response to requests of operators on-site in Tokyo. Since all processing and rendering is performed in memory, users can significantly save time using cinecure, and it is complimentary to the current automatic dust buster systems available.”

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cinecure website.