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Ikegami at IBC — 3-D Camera-Control for Live 3-D Productions, GFCAM Tapeless HD Camcorder with Fast, File-Based Workflow

And full HDTVmulti format companion camera system, wireless format HD camera system, HD LCD monitors, POV cameras, micro ergonomic cameras for medical professional.

Affordability and Ultimate HD Picture Quality Dominate Among Ikegami’s Newest Products For High-Performance, Multi-Format, 3-D HD Production and Superb Performance for High-End Medical Applications.

IBC Convention Center, Booth 11.A31, September 10th-14th, 2010.

Ikegami Electronics, the world-leading manufacturer of advanced high definition (HD) television production solutions for broadcast television and professional video applications, will exhibit its  innovative product line at the 2010 IBC exhibition, in Amsterdam. Included in Ikegami’s display this year are HD cameras and equipment designed for the production of stereoscopic 3-D programming, as well as HD cameras and broadcast LCD monitors, multi format POV cameras and the tapeless, workflow-efficient GFCam HD ENG camcorder with economical new Flash memory, as well as HDTV Medical Grade cameras.

3-D HDTV Production

Ikegami will exhibit its new CSU-3D camera-switching unit, which supports up to four pairs of HD cameras for use in shooting stereoscopic 3-D television productions. The CSU-3D is a vital component for shooting major events in 3-D HD, such as football and baseball games or rock concerts. The CSU-3D, working together with an MCP (maintenance control panel) and four OCPs (operation control panels), provides extensive set-up control for optimization of each camera and subsequent parallel operational control for the four pairs of HD cameras. The CSU-3D ensures that any subsequent camera adjustments are shared precisely by each camera pair, thus maintaining matched camera settings for optimum 3-D HD image capture.

On display will be two 3-D Systems with HDL-51 and HDL-F30.

Ikegami’s Tapeless GFCAM HD Camcorder

Providing workflow-efficient, tapeless, and affordable HD video acquisition is Ikegami’s GFCAM model HDS-V10 HD ENG camcorder. The GFCAM uses MPEG-2 compression and the MXF file format for an open-codec HD/SD recording architecture that’s compatible with a large number of leading editing systems. The GFCAM records file-based video in either 1080i or 720p on Flash-RAM media contained within a rugged GFPAK that includes a convenient USB port allowing for instant access to the video from laptop or desktop editing systems. Tapeless recording advantages of the GFCAM includes advanced features such as “Pakless” recording while exchanging media packs, proxy generation, and Bluetooth for instant display of thumbnail clips directly to laptops for fast logging, metadata insertion, and other workflow benefits. New GFCAM features at IBC 2010 include 24p/25p/30p native recording capability and new lower-cost 64/128 GB Flash media that employs MLC (Multi Level Cell) technology with 10,000 times rewrite capacity.

Ikegami’s GFCAM is part of its GF series product line, which also includes the GFSTATION GFS-V10 Flash memory studio deck, GFSTATION Portable half-rack-wide portable player/recorder, GFPLAYER desktop playback unit and GF ADAPTOR for convenient, direct plug-in of GFPAK media into tower PC’s with fast serial-ATA interface. GF series Media Manager software provides efficient GF series integration with large server-based production environments.

For Studio/EFP application a fiber optics transmission system FE-C10/FE-B10 for the GFCAM will be exhibited.

HD Studio/EFP camera system 

The Top-of-the-line, full digital HDTV companion camera system HDK-79EXIII / 727P delivers high sensitivity and S/N. The HDK-79EXIII / 727P utilizes three high-sensitivity CCD’s, Ikegami’s advanced full-digital process ASIC’s, to achieve a range of sophisticated digital image-enhancement and detail-correction features.

The HDK-79EXIII / 727P delivers superb picture performance in a lightweight, low-power-consumption design well-suited to a wide variety of 1080i or 720p HD production assignments.

An added innovation is Ikegami’s CCU-890M camera control unit, which provides built-in fiber or triax connectivity for the HDK-79EXIII / 727P for convenient, mobile flexibility. Users can choose the type of camera cable with a simple switch at the CCU, combined with the fibre to triax conversion box TFA-89HD.

HD RadioCam System

Ikegami is introducing its wireless HD RadioCam System in combination with the Studio/EFP cameras HDK-79EXIII and HDK-727P for wireless broadcast transmission.

The transmitter is integrated in the compact camera housing. It will give the photographer total freedom by operating the camera and transmitting the video and audio signals in broadcast quality to the control room. The system covers three main frequency ranges, 2GHz, 3GHz and 6GHz.

A 2-way diversity and a 6-way diversity receiver will be available.

The distance between transmitter and receiver depends on the type of antenna and can reach up to 500 meter. In addition to the camera picture, the camera control signal and tally signal will be transmitted. A standard OCP, gives total operation control to the user, same as for fibre studio/OB cameras.

The system is fully remote controlled and contains a full genlock support. An over all delay of less than 60ms, a selectable output power and the small size and light weight of the camera combined with the high performance HD images fulfill the requirements of critical users. 

Multiformat HD POV Cameras

Ikegami’s HDL-Series of POV (point-of-view) “box” cameras are designed for capture of superb broadcast-quality HD from unmanned and/or inaccessible locations. The enormous range of applications for these cameras range from capturing POV video of traffic and weather conditions for TV stations to unmanned speed shots at motor races for network sports coverage. And most recently the applications have extended to 3-D production, especially for Steadicam use. The small size and light weight of the camera combined with the high performance HD images fulfill the requirements of critical users.

New for IBC 2010 is Ikegami’s HDL-F30 3CCD Multi-Purpose HDTV camera.

The HDL-F30 is a top-of-the-line multi-purpose compact 3CCD HDTV camera equipped with high resolution 2.3 million pixel AIT sensors. The HDL-F30 has super high sensitivity, starting with F10 sensitivity sensors, and offering +54dB gain up, Column Adding, and Frame Accumulation functions. The super high sensitivity combined with a Digital Extender feature make the HDL-F30 ideal for airborne gyro stabilized ENG and law enforcement use.

Also the Horizontal Reverse and Frame Delay features will support 3D video production.

HD Video Monitoring With Space-Saving LCD Technology

The superior image quality of Ikegami’s HD cameras is matched by the display capabilities of Ikegami’s line of industry-leading flat-panel LCD HD video monitors. Continuing its tradition of providing high-performance value at an affordable price are Ikegami’s economical new 17-inch HLM-1704WR and 9-inch HLM-904WR LCD flat-panel multi-format HD video monitors. The HLM-1704WR uses a 10-bit LCD panel, both monitors include such standard features as a DVI-D input, embedded audio level indicator, analog de-muxed audio outputs, headphone jack, user-marker feature, USB I/F for auto set-up, and waveform monitor and vectorscope display. Both the HLM-1704WR and HLM-904WR can operate on either AC or DC power.

Ikegami’s top-of-the-line LCD HD video monitors will also be displayed. These include the lightweight, low-power-consumption, full 1920 by 1080-pixel, 10-bit, 32-inch HLM-3250W and 24-inch HLM-2450WB HD monitors. Both support multi-format SDI input as well as DVI-D and VBS inputs as a standard feature, and they include a 3G-SDI input as an option. These monitors employ LCD panels with a wide viewing angle, high brightness, high contrast, quick motion response, and superb color reproduction. Both achieve real pixel allocation without resizing and superb gradation characteristics for a wide range of broadcast applications, including use in monitor walls. Both monitors also provide not only HD and SD video display but also vectorscope and waveform display, adjustable horizontal or vertical color-coded embedded audio meters, and – as an option – embedded audio output.

Also offering an optional 3G-SDI input is the new 17-inch HLM-1750WR, which also features a full (1920 by 1080) HD LCD panel with wide critical view angle, excellent brightness and contrast, extra fast response time from double speed refresh, and faithful color reproduction. Standard inputs include DVI-D and VBS.

For HD monitoring in confined spaces such as production vehicles and small edit rooms, Ikegami’s IBC 2010 exhibit will include the HLM-920WR 9-inch WVGA HD/SD 16:9 multi-format color LCD monitor sized for dual-rack-mounting configurations.

This monitor provides two-channel HD-SDI inputs, two-channel analog composite video inputs, waveform and VITC display, and a wide critical-viewing angle of 170 degree.

MKC-300HD 3CMOS Full HDTV Medical Camera

The MKC-300HD employs 3x 2.1Mega pixel Full HDTV 1/3-inch CMOS sensors to provide 1000 lines of high definition video images, coupled with High Sensitivity performance of F10/2000 lux providing the optimal video quality required for high-end medical video system.

Optimised signal processing circurity achieves a high Signal-to-Noise Ratio of 54dB. Video signal processing is done in the same signal process ASIC as Ikegami’s HDTV broadcast cameras to constantly achieve the same high level of quality and reliability.

These and other industry-leading Ikegami products will be exhibited throughout IBC 2010 at Booth No. 11.A31 in the Holland Hall of the Amsterdam Convention Center from September  10th to 14th, 2010.

Ikegami Electronics (Europe) GmbH is a leading supplier of professional broadcasting products in Europe, Middle East and Africa with offices in Germany, UK and Denmark. The Ikegami name is recognized worldwide for its state-of-the-art television cameras and closed circuit TV equipment. Ikegami’s universal High Definition TV cameras have been widely accepted by the broadcast industry as it continues the transition to the High Definition Television Format.

Ikegami- “Tapeless Wireless Seamless”

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