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IBM Unveils Cloud-based and On-Premise Software Platforms

Armonk, N.Y. — Leveraging its Sterling B2B Services Reporting and Analytics, recently acquired Aspera eXtreme File Transfer technology, and other tools, IBM has announced new cloud-based and on premise software to help organizations deepen engagement with their partners and suppliers to ensure goods and services are delivered precisely when and where they are needed. The company said that at a time when organizations are re-inventing themselves around the customer experience, the importance of building deeper partner and supplier engagements has never been greater.

According to CAPS Research, on average businesses spend nearly half of their revenue with their ecosystem of partners and suppliers. Whether an organization has tens, hundreds or even thousands of suppliers and partners, each play a role in delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Therefore, with its new partner and supplier engagement software, IBM is looking to give business leaders deeper insight and control over their external business relationships, while reducing associated risks and increasing collaboration. This tightens synchronization across their extended ecosystem, ensuring these complex networks of third-party relationships boost their ability to innovate and gain a competitive advantage.

“Now more than ever, the fate of any business is deeply intertwined with the success of its network of partners and suppliers around the world,” said John Mesberg, Vice President, B2B & Commerce Solutions, IBM, in a statement. “By orchestrating these complex engagements with extraordinary precision and insight, organizations can create new gateways to trade that enable businesses to deliver exceptional customer experiences.”

For example, Lenovo works with IBM to simplify and deepen their partner and supplier collaboration. Using IBM Sterling B2B Integration Services, Lenovo built a unified foundation to connect and collaborate across its partner ecosystem as well as reduce the time it takes to onboard new partners by 85 percent. By optimizing its supply chain with IBM solutions, Lenovo ensures complete customer satisfaction from purchase through fulfillment, invoicing and servicing.

“The path to Lenovo becoming the global PCs leader was not taken alone,” said Chuck Igba, Director, B2B/EDI Strategy & Enablement, Lenovo. “Our business depends upon more than 325 global trading partners to drive innovation through the organization. By implementing IBM solutions, we provide Lenovo’s business leaders with a 360-degree view across the ecosystem so they can maximize the value that our partners and suppliers bring to the company.”