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Hula Supports ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ Post

Hula Post Production provided systems and support to editor Craig Alpert and his team for Pitch Perfect 2, implementing Avid workflows in Baton Rouge, La., where the movie was shot, and in Los Angeles, where postproduction was completed. In Baton Rouge, Hula designed an editorial workflow consisting of three Avid workstations, a software-only assist system and shared storage. Alpert collaborated with director Elizabeth Banks throughout: “That helped her in terms of knowing what more [coverage] she needed to get,” Alpert recalls. “By the time production wrapped, she had already seen 85 percent of the movie.”

When Alpert returned to Southern California to complete the film, Hula had an identical editorial workflow in place. Alpert then worked with Banks over 20 weeks of postproduction as the film took its final form. “Elizabeth was there almost every day,” he says. “She’s a great leader, very smart.”