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Hula Provides Post Facilities for True-Crime Thriller ‘Captive’

Hula Post provided editorial systems, facilities and support to editor Melissa Kent for her work on the Paramount Pictures feature Captive. Kent spent six months cutting the film at the company’s Burbank facility.

Directed by Jerry Jameson, Captive centers on Brian Nichols, a man who captured national attention in 2005 when he broke out of a Georgia courthouse after killing a judge and three other people. He subsequently took single-mother Ashley Smith hostage and held her for several hours before surrendering to authorities.

Kent approached the dramatic tension with a focused philosophy: “My job is to be responsive to the actors—and David Oyelowo and Kate Mara are amazing. It’s an intense story that makes for an exciting, compelling movie—and it is all the more powerful and tragic because it is true.”