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How They Made the Interactive Animated Jeff Buckley Music Video

The interactive music video for Jeff Buckley’s “Just Like a Woman” allows users to click through four different animated storylines that each tell a different type of love story.

“I remember briefing the animators about the idea and emphasizing the words, ‘times four’ every time we talked about something. In total we animated over 296 unique panels,” explains creative director Greg Gunn to Motionographer. “One of my concerns going into into it was if thereā€™d be too much going on. At any given point there could be seven different panels on screen, each with their own looping animation, floating through the frame…With that in mind, the team and I put together a set of design rules that would help keep the visual language consistent and ease the pain of animating so many shots. For example, we limited the color palette of each timeline to keep things simple. This forced us to think about how to use negative space and not feel that we had draw each and every piece of the panel.”

Watch a behind-the-scenes video and the final interactive animation below.