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How the Cinematographer of “All the President’s Men” and “The Godfather” Influenced Todd Haynes‘s “Dark Waters” (Vanity Fair)

Director Todd Haynes discusses how seminal '70s filmmaking—specifically the work of cinematographer Gordon Willis—became his guide to how to make smart, elegant films that don't talk down to their audience.

Bill Camp (left) as Wilbur Tennant and Mark Ruffalo (right) as Robert Bilott in director Todd Haynes’ DARK WATERS, a Focus Features release. Photo by Mary Cybulski/Focus Features

“We’re living in a moment for urgent, quickly made political storytelling in Hollywood—and Dark Waters, the new thriller from Todd Haynes, is a case in point. Based on a 2016 New York Times Magazine feature by Nathaniel Rich, the film tells the story of Rob Bilott, a corporate defense attorney who makes the stunning choice to work on behalf of the little guy—local farmers in West Virginia—to sue DuPont chemical company, the kind of company his law firm usually defends.”Source: Vanity Fair

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Director Todd Haynes discusses what it was like to make his fastest film to date, and how seminal ’70s filmmaking–specifically the work of cinematographer Gordon Willis–became his tutorial in how to make smart, elegant films that don’t talk down to their audience.