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How Final Cut Pro X’s Compound Clips Helped Create Honda’s Interactive Ad

Honda’s buzzy interactive ad, “The Other Side,” uses superbly well-timed cuts and a toggle feature to let users seamlessly switch between two storylines.

Editor Thomas Grove Carter explains how Apple Final Cut Pro X facilitated the cut. He writes on, “Because of the nature of the dual narrative, shots in one location had to precisely match shots in other locations (sometimes in a different country), so I also had to cut and assemble on set. Sometimes as quickly as an hour after a scene was in the can. They were also shooting on 35mm and as the shoot was in Slovenia and Croatia, the turnaround time for receiving final QuickTime footage (from Hungary) was two days. The solution to all these constraints? Get snipping fast!”

“Final Cut Pro X provided us with a unique solution I’d never tried before: Compound clips,” Carter continues. “Compound clips are like little nests that hold source clips. You can keyword, edit to multiple timelines, speed ramp, add effects, transforms etc, compound clips. Later if you then go inside the nest and change the source clip, the change will propagate through your project to all the places the compound clip is used.”

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