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How Dennis Hauck’s Long Take Movie ‘Too Late’ Is Like a Haiku

Dennis Hauck’s Too Late is the story of a private investigator (John Hawkes) in search of a missing girl. But what makes the film stand apart is Hauck’s filming choices. The movie was shot and released only in 35mm film and consists of five long twenty-minute takes (the length of one reel).

“What dictated a lot of [the idea] would be the 20-minute reels,” Hauck tells Moveable Fest. “I did an interview with someone recently and they put it so much better than I ever had, [which is that] I put these self-imposed limitations on and that can lead you in very interesting creative directions that you wouldn’t have gotten to otherwise, and the interviewer said, ‘Almost like a poet choosing to write a Haiku,’ because poets do that all the time. The content can be anything, but it has to fit in five syllables, seven syllables and five syllables, or whatever the case may be.”