How the Clones Come to Life in 'Orphan Black'

"Every one of the visual effects in 'Orphan Black' needs to be indistinguishable from reality, and it's a feat that truly takes a village."
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Reflecting on the fifth and final season of BBC America's

Orphan Black

, visual effects supervisor Geoff Scott explains to

Laura Prudom

how he and his team at Intelligent Creatures have developed and delivered the clone effects for the show's 50 episodes. (In

Orphan Black

, actor Tatiana Maslany portrays nearly a dozen clones, all with distinct appearances, personalities and accents.)

"Like a magician performing up-close tricks," Prudom writes, "much of their work is designed to be invisible. In a TV landscape where viewers are used to screen-shottiing their favorite scenes to search for clues, this visual sleight-of-hand becomes even more impressive. Suspending our disbelief for dragons or zombies is one thing, but every one of the visual effects in

Orphan Black

needs to be indistinguishable from reality, and it's a feat that truly takes a village.

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"'The clone work, what was initially really rewarding for that, was the fact that nobody noticed it,' Scott explains. 'Most people put a lot of praise on Tatiana, and that's fantastic — that means I've done my job, because nobody noticed, and they're enamored with the performances... For the first season, every time we did one and we put it out there, I would always read the blogs, and the forums, and different websites. And nobody commented on our work. But that was great — it meant that all the hard work was worthwhile.'"

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