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‘Homeland’ Editor: “We’re Trying to Make This a Subjective Experience”

Homeland editor Jordan Goldman talks to The Credits about how he creates the tense, fast-paced feel of the show with his cutting choices.

He says, “We’re trying to make this a subjective experience, where you don’t know what’s going to happen to, which adds a sense of dread and thrill when people watch these episodes…An omniscient show never takes the character’s POV, but we like to see the show through the character’s eyes. We’re partial to using long lens shots, over the characters backs or shoulders, beacuse I like to reveal things along with the character. Rather than have the character step into an environment they’ve never been before, I like to go in with them. On the Shield, we never went into an environment unless we were coming in over their shoulder. We try to always keep it grounded. Realism is really important, and so is audience identification. We’re looking for performances that are going to feel real, and genuine, and our actors are phenomenal so it happens all the time.”