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Highwinds CDN Serves Video Ads Globally for Chartboost

Chartboost is a premier global ad marketplace focused on mobile games. As the mobile games market expands, expectations set by advertisers on ad marketplaces to efficiently, consistently and completely deliver more engaging and playable video ad impressions will continue to increase. Based on Highwinds CDN’s advanced analytics, scalability, interactive API console and 24/7 dedicated support, Chartboost tapped Highwinds CDN to be a main CDN provider for its ad network.

Gamers are a diverse and engaged audience inclined to spend money in games, and as the gaming industry grows, Chartboost plans to scale with it. To match the industry’s scale in growth, Chartboost chose to scale with Highwinds CDN, a CDN provider that knows the needs of game developers and has a history of growing with and in support of its customers.

As Chartboost continues to expand its community in helping non-game brands connect with gamers, Highwinds CDN will be the delivery backbone of even more high-quality, creatively engaging interstitial video ads—ads that must display clearly and immediately at predefined points in a game—to the billion plus monthly active players of the more than 300,000 mobile games on the Chartboost network.

“Chartboost started working with Highwinds just eight months ago,” says Chartboost vice president of product and engineering Deepak Thakral, “but we’ve already seen the positive impact on our ad network. By diversifying our CDN providers and leveraging Highwinds’ expertise in the games industry, we’re excited to continue global scaling for our global customer base knowing we have content delivery operating at optimal performance.”