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‘Hangmen’ Stage Production Captured for Broadcast

NEP Visions recently completed the UHD capture of Martin McDonagh’s play Hangmen from the Wyndham Theatre in London’s West End. The 173-minute production starring David Morrissey, Andy Nyman and Johnny Flynn was delivered to Vue Cinema audiences around the world as a 4K DCP (digital cinema package) with the support of National Theatre Live.

NEP Visions used a Leader LV5490 4K multiformat waveform monitor as the master reference instrument for the project. “The LV5490 proved very useful both for initial lineup and during the stage production,” says Chris Cannon of NEP Visions. “It enabled us to ensure precise phase alignment between the four HD-SDI channels that carry the UHD signal stream. We also used the LV5490 to check the colorimetry of the six Sony PMW-F55 cameras we used for the project. The monitor performed very well and has the further advantage of being extremely compact.”