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Guy Ritchie and Jude Law Go Noir For Dior Homme

Guy Ritchie, one of the first big name directors to make a commercial
(BMW’s The Hire), has teamed with his Sherlock Holmes star, Jude Law,
and Slovak model Michaela Kocianova to create a five minute film for Dior Homme. OK, it’s really a four minute film becasue the entire last minute is just movie-style credits.

The film is all noir and shit with Kocianova helping him dress as he
speaks to another woman on the telephone. Or something like that. Who
the hell knows. It’s hard to tell who’s talking to whom in this film or
what the hell’s going on. But, I guess it doesn’t really matter because,
well, nothing ever does when it comes to high fashion. The more
logically whacked it is, the better.

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