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A Guide to Drone Laws

Motherboard’s Jason Koebler writes a comprehensive article delving into the legalities of operating a drone.

He writes, “In order to have any idea what’s legal to do with a drone and what’s not legal to do with a drone, it’s necessary to have paid close attention to the FAA’s actions over the last three years or so. Some conversations with actual lawyers help, as well. After publishing three separatestories about FAA enforcement of drone regulationslast week and watching the online conversation about them, it occurred to me that it might be useful to get deep into the weeds on this issue and unpack what the current legal situation actually is. I’ve put together this guide after spending the last four years reporting on US drone law. Its sourcing is pulled from my own reporting reading hundreds of pages of legal statutes, FAA enforcement actions and statements, and court arguments and decisions. I’ve also had dozens of conversations with the nation’s top drone attorneys about these issues over the years.”