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‘The Great American Movie Hustle’ Recorded with AJA CION

Directed by Michael Anton, The Great American Movie Hustle features the cinematography of Doug Michaels, who used AJA CION production cameras. Reports Michaels, “CION is one of the most intuitive, easy-to-use cameras I’ve ever worked with.”

All of the material was captured in ProRes 444 at 4K 24 fps, transitioning to ProRes 422 at 4K 60 fps for action scenes that called for a slo-mo effect. The CIONs were configured for handheld, shoulder-mount setups, with a Zacuto Z-Finder viewfinder, MTF lens adapter and Zeiss Nikon-mount lenses.

Michaels notes, “The footage looks great, especially with our darker and more contrasty scenes. We threw some clips into [Apple] Final Cut and did some grading and I couldn’t believe what we could pull out of the darks.”