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Grass Valley Makes News at NAB 2009

Grass Valley made several product and company announcements at NAB 2009. Following are Videography’s Grass Valley NAB news items, highlighted by a story summary and a link to the full news item.

Kayenne HD Video Production Center
The Kayenne Video Production Center is a new family of production switchers that integrates the most powerful features of Grass Valley’s Kalypso and Kayak models and adds features that enable high-end creativity as well as streamline production workflow for HD projects. Among the many hardware and software innovations Kayenne provides are six keyers per M/E; 20 channels of DPM, including a 4-channel eDPM with two combiner outputs; Source Rules, which associate keys with a source; a Device Control Module with jog wheel interacting with its Q-MEM cue library; and Define E-MEM, providing finer control of E-MEM effects.

Integration with Final Cut Studio
At NAB 2009, Grass Valley demonstrates news and production workflows based on the company’s K2 workgroups and Apple Final Cut Studio. The full integration of Final Cut Studio across Grass Valley’s K2 product line enables a K2 storage area network (SAN) to act as a broadcast-quality storage system for the software.

Panasonic AVCCAM Partnership
Grass Valley has partnered with Panasonic to offer professionals and prosumers the latest AVCCAM cameras bundled with the Grass Valley EDIUS Neo 2 nonlinear editing software, starting with orders taken in April 2009. The companies have also agreed to combine their marketing efforts in order to increase penetration of the AVCHD format into the professional market. The Grass Valley EDIUS Neo 2 software will be bundled with Panasonic’s AVCCAM cameras, ensuring that the PC-based nonlinear editing software—which shares the same user interface and many of the same features and functionality of the Grass Valley EDIUS 5 software—supports the editing of AVCHD format, HD video shot with the Panasonic AG-HMC70 series and AG-HMC150 series solid-state memory camcorders.

Neo 2, the latest version of the Grass Valley EDIUS Neo video editing software, brings improved performance, a wider toolset and an array of Blu-ray HD disc production capabilities that independent video professionals and small production companies have requested during the past year. EDIUS Neo 2 shares the feature set and functionality of the EDIUS 5.1 software and can handle any type of SD or HD project with ease. It includes a fast, flexible user interface, real-time editing and conversion of different aspect ratios (4:3/16:9), and real-time editing and conversion of different frame rates (such as 60i, 50i and 24p). The Neo 2 software package also provides powerful nonlinear editing features common to all EDIUS solutions, such as multi-track, mixed-format HD/SD editing, chroma keying, titling and DVD authoring.

EDIUS XRE Conform Server
Grass Valley is introducing a new conform/render server that allows editors to be more productive when working in a K2 shared storage area network (SAN) environment and using Grass Valley Aurora 7.0 and EDIUS 5.1 HD editing workstations. The new PC server is ideal for fast-paced, multi-client production environments developing a wide variety of content from multiple SD and HD sources. The Grass Valley EDIUS XRE (eXternal Rendering Engine) server comes as a turnkey system and lets editors request that a project created with EDIUS systems in an Aurora or K2 Production Storage environment be rendered automatically on a separate dedicated workstation while they go on to the next job. There’s no delay or tying up an edit station while having to wait for that project to be rendered. Serving as a unique and powerful conform server, the EDIUS XRE accepts the various full-resolution project elements and, by selecting “XRE export” on the EDIUS timeline, immediately and automatically creates finished files in the background while the editors go on to the next project.

Grass Valley K2
Grass Valley continues to increase the wide-ranging functionality of its K2 family of media servers, shared storage environment and file-based control devices to better support file-based workgroups. At NAB 2009, the company will empower broadcasters and video production companies with new features and tighter integration with third-party applications that streamline HD content production and distribution while making professionals more productive.

LDK 3000 Camera Series
To meet the needs of studios and production facilities that need to shoot high-quality HD television on a tight budget, Grass Valley launches the LDK 3000 “value-priced HD camera” series. This is Grass Valley’s first LDK-family system camera application to use the in-house-developed Xensium CMOS imagers—the same imagers first seen in the Infinity Digital Media Camcorder (DMC 1000). While the Grass Valley LDK 8000 camera series remains the best choice for top-end HD production, the functionality of the LDK 3000 camera (built on the same physical platform and to the same uncompromised standards) has been tailored to allow the price to be significantly lower. (The LDK 8000 camera is priced at $73,000.)