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Grass Valley Announces REV PRO Drive as Standard Feature on all Turnkey NewsEdit and EDIUS Nonlinear Editing Systems

Offering immediate access to an open, IT-centric post-production workflow,


announced that the Grass Valley REV PRO drive is now available and delivered as a built-in, standard feature for customers of the latest versions of Grass Valley’s quick-turn NewsEdit XT and Canopus EDIUS turnkey craft non-linear editing (NLE) systems.

Customers can also purchase a stand-alone Grass Valley REV PRO drive for use with existing PC-based desktop systems or laptop editors–such as the NewsEdit LT and Canopus EDIUS systems – as well as with other third-party non-linear editing solutions that support the Grass Valley REV PRO drive and removable disk media. REV PRO is now fully compatible and integrated with current NewsEdit XT systems and Edius version 3.6.1 as well as future versions.

The added value of a REV PRO drive is that it gives NLE and desktop video users the powerful benefits of durable, removable, off-the-shelf media – much as it does for electronic news gathering and production users in workflows based around the open, flexible Grass Valley Infinity Series of digital media camcorders and digital media recorders. For NLE and desktop video users, the Grass Valley REV PRO solution also offers users other powerful benefits – including efficient file-based exchange and delivery of content, as well as supporting archival needs.

In addition, Grass Valley REV PRO drives and disk media also help users better manage and support projects by enabling the storage of key project elements together on a single physical media. For example, in news applications using the NewsEdit system, the REV PRO disk can be used to carry scripts, shot logs, background information and other relevant data along with the video/audio essence. When craft editing with EDIUS EDL data, project notes, rendered sequences and even the final master – along with the raw essence material – can all be stored on the same REV PRO disk media.

REV PRO media and drives are also ideally suited for IT- and file-based acquisition and production approaches, such as the Grass Valley Infinity Series digital media camcorder and digital media recorder. The Infinity camcorder uses a variety of IT-based media options to fit any workflow, including REV and REV PRO off-the-shelf, removable disk-based solutions.

The Grass Valley NewsEdit LT laptop-based nonlinear editing system is the fastest way to complete a news package. It integrates seamlessly with Infinity and REV PRO products, making it an ideal choice for field journalists. The EDIUS nonlinear craft-editing systems are the perfect match for both the REV PRO and Infinity products. Comprised of leading-edge software and Canopus-engineered hardware, EDIUS delivers high-quality SD/HD results in record time.

This announcement supports Thomson’s overall strategy to help its global media and entertainment customer base acquire, create, edit and manipulate, aggregate re-purpose and package their high-value content. Grass Valley is a leading innovator and supplier of post-production and digital intermediate platforms which are relied upon by leading facilities around the world.

Grass Valley REV PRO media and drives are now available from Grass Valley’s direct sales force, Grass Valley’s professional video channels and all Canopus dealers. Pricing for the Grass Valley REV PRO drive starts at $499.95 in the U.S. and 439 Euros in Europe. Pricing for the Grass Valley REV PRO media starts at $67.50 in the U.S. and 58.50 Euros in Europe.