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‘Goodbye to Language’ DP: ‘We Weren’t Interested in Using 3D as an Effect’

Goodbye to Language cinematographer Fabrice Aragno talks to Film Comment about working on the Jean-Luc Godard film and finding new and expressive ways to utilize 3D.

He says, “We weren’t interested in using 3-D as an effect. The film had to be about using 3-D to express new things. I did a 2-D version of the film that layers the two images like a double exposure, and I also did tests overlapping and combining 2-D and 3-D images. I wanted to ‘encrust’ different images and work on different planes in space. I shot a 3-D portrait of a woman and sandwiched it between 2-D scans of paintings. I also mixed different 3-D images, such as a wide shot of a street with a close-up of a woman’s head. It was no longer two images together, but a reconstitution of the image.”

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