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‘Gone Girl’ Editor: Adobe Premiere Pro Was the Best Tool for the Job

Gone Girl editor Kirk Baxter talks to fxguide about his work on the psychological thriller and how it became the first studio feature film to be edited on Adobe Premiere Pro.

He said of using Premiere, “That decision was made because it was the best tool for us to use to bring a lot of the effects in-house, to be doing a lot of After Effects work and for that to be seamlessly integrated into the process of editing. If somebody updated a visual effects shot in the building it just went straight through into my timeline. It was more about workflow than it was about what I prefer to work with. And I was more than happy to work with it. As an editor, the interface is very much like Final Cut was and I assume you can tailor it to what Avid’s like. I went from Avid to Final Cut to Premiere, and I find all of them take about a day or two to get used to so that your fingers do the work without your brain having to think about what your fingers are doing. And for the editor, that’s the main goal – just focus on doing.”

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