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Gluttony and ‘300’ Inspire ‘Simpsons’ Promo for 600-Episode FXX Marathon

Silhouettes and splashes of neon pink punctuate We Are Royale’s Thanksgiving promo for The Simpsons‘s 600-episode marathon on FXX, featuring a mob of angry Springfielders.

The sequence was inspired by the closing credits of 300 as well as being a “call to action for gluttony.”

“We had to be faithful to the character models of the Simpsons cast,” explains We Are Royale. “At this point, Lisa’s hair silhouette is as iconic as the American flag.  Same with Marge’s perm, and Homer’s immaculately placed two hairs.  It’s a 2D show, which makes the characters consistent no matter what angle the camera is looking at them.  But for what we wanted to do, we needed moments of 3D moves that revolved around the action to transition us to a new composition.  It meant we needed to be clever in how we orchestrated the characters. We used a combo of 3D elements with 2D characters to mimic a full 3D move.  Some elements were rendered in 3D space as silhouettes (which quite honestly helped us achieve the look).  We had liberties with the less iconic elements of the show, like the splatter, and the turkeys.  Those elements would benefit from a little 3D rotation, which we kept the CG moves away from the characters of the show.”

Watch below and read more here.

The Simpsons – 600 from We Are Royale on Vimeo.