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‘Get Out’ Director Jordan Peele Says His Horror Film Had to Be About the Balance of Fun and Poignancy

Actor Jordan Peele makes his directorial debut with

Get Out

, a film that’s a hybrid of horror movie, comedy and social commentary. The film is about a black man (

Daniel Kaluuya) who goes to meet his white girlfriend’s (Allison Williams) parents for the first time, only to get sucked into something way more sinister than he bargained for.

“A real social thriller is a film that explores the fact that society itself is the monster—a film in which the way human beings interact with one another is the demon in question,” Peele tells

Fast Company

‘s Co.Create. “This is a movie where if it’s too dark, it’s almost unwatchable because it’s so uncomfortable. If it’s too funny, it’s doing a disservice to the seriousness of the issue at hand of racism. That tonal balance is probably the reason the genre has been hands-off with the issue of race. So very early on I knew that key to this movie was getting the right balance of tension and release because it’s got to be fun and also poignant.”

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