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‘Game of Thrones’ Battle Forged by Iloura

To create the epic “Battle of the Bastards” sequence for the HBO series Game of Thrones, the visual effects artists at Iloura, the Australian animation and visual effects studio owned by Deluxe Entertainment Services Group, used a combination of visual effects and hand-crafted animation techniques. The battle required the creation of photorealistic horse and rider collisions, 3,000-strong armies, a mix of close-ups featuring live action and CG humans and animals, and hundreds of assets including CG armor, weapons, flags, saddlery, body parts and environmental effects.

We are up close and personal in this battle with CG horses and collisions right in front of the lens,” says HBO’s VFX producer for Game of Thrones, Steve Kullback, “and we constantly needed to review Iloura’s shots side by side with the photography because it was hard to remember and even harder to see the difference between what was shot and what was added.”