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Future Shock: The Evocative Sound of ‘Blade Runner 2049’

"We are working with the sound as much as we are working with the image when we are editing the movie."

Discussing the evocative/provocative sound editing and design for Blade Runner 2049, the film’s director Denis Villeneuve tells Jack Giroux, “It all starts in the editing room. Joe [Walker], before he was an editor he was a composer, then he became sound editor, then he became an editor. We are working with the sound as much as we are working with the image when we are editing the movie. Me, myself too, it’s like something that I always dream, my dream before when I was making indie movies.

“I had something strong in satisfaction with sound because I was feeling that it was something that was coming after. I was dreaming to do the sound as I was doing the image at the same time. To do both in the same time, and with Joe we started that process. The sound is as important. The sound design of the movie is done with the director’s cut. When I finish the cut, the philosophy of the sound is there. Then of course there’s a lot of work that the sound designer like a movie that we extended this idea more.

“In this project, we made that logic a step forward by hiring a sound editor… right at the beginning of the editing process there was a sound editor that started to design sound for us. We didn’t edit the image and then they started the sound design. The sound design started at day one of the editing process.” To read the full interview, click here.

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