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Fujinon Cabrio Lens Delivers Live UHD Broadcast of Much Music Video Awards

Bell Media (Twitter @BellMediaPR) produced a live-to-air UHD broadcast of the iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards (MMVAs) in downtown Toronto in June, with an extensive setup that included a 4K OB truck from Dome Productions (Twitter @DomeProductions). Along with the 4K truck from Dome, the outdoor event employed two audio trucks from Broadcast Audio Services and LiveWire Remote Recorders (Twitter @LivewireRemote), an on-site broadcast control room and two audio mixing rooms. Bell Media was set on a wide-angle look but didn’t want the barrel distortion common with 2/3-inch sensor wide-angle lenses, so they turned to the PL 14-35mm Cabrio lens from the Fujifilm Optical Devices Division (Twitter @FujifilmOptical).

“There are a lot of challenges with a live UHD broadcast,” says David Azoulay, senior technical director at Bell Media. “Although your show is being produced in 4K, the HD broadcast is still the most important part of the equation. The 14-35mm Cabrio lens captured the look we couldn’t achieve with the other lenses we were using. The performance of Nick Jonas was shot almost exclusively on our Steadicam rig with the Fujinon Cabrio 14-35mm lens, and it worked out perfectly for what we wanted to do.”

Azoulay adds, “I use Fujinon lenses frequently. I produce a lot of variety-type shows, and we’re always using wide-angle optics for musical performances. I particularly love Fujinon’s HA14x4.5BERM and use it on all my shows.”

Of the 16 cameras that Bell Media deployed for the MMVAs, 15 were Sony HDC-4300Ls equipped with a 2/3-inch sensor. The Cabrio lens was used on a Sony PMW-F55 camcorder with a 35mm sensor.