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‘Fresh Dressed’ Editor Transitions from FCP to Adobe Premiere Pro

Editor Andrea B. Scott talks to Adobe about cutting the hip-hop fashion documentary Fresh Dressed on Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Says Scott, “When I started on Fresh Dressed I’d never used Premiere Pro before, so starting on this project meant getting up to speed on new software. Previously, my go-to editing tool was Final Cut Pro. Premiere Pro was definitely welcoming for someone coming from Final Cut. I went the route of mapping keyboard commands because I was in a time crunch, but overall transitioning from Final Cut to Premiere Pro was really easy.”

“Certain aspects of working within the timeline are much easier than with Final Cut Pro,” she continues. “Even small things are really nice, like the ability to hoverscrub through the footage. Another helpful feature of working with Premiere Pro CC is its ability to work with different codecs in the timeline, without worrying about transcoding. Adobe applications work well together, yet they are modular. I can export different media using Media Encoder and still keep working with Premiere Pro. In Final Cut Pro, I had to stop editing whenever I had to export media because Apple Compressor consumed every ounce of RAM on my system.”

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