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Freefly MoVI Brings a Much More Immersive Experience to ‘Planet Earth II’

Freefly speaks to wildlife cameraman and cinematographer Mark MacEwen about his work on BBC’s Planet Earth II and how he incorporates the MoVI, along with other equipment, into his shoots.

“In the first [Planet Earth II] program, Islands, one of the sequences I filmed was of Komodo Dragons fighting,” he explains. “Wildlife has always been quite traditionally long-lens and quite observational. What the MōVIs allowed us to do is to actually take the viewer on a journey with the animal. We can follow them, and we can be in that environment, and we can immerse people by being over its shoulder or following alongside or tracking. We’re building up these characters with these small rotates underneath them, and you suddenly feel the power of the animal much more closely.

“It completely transforms the way I feel I can show people these creatures. You go to a jungle for instance. Suddenly, you’re MōVIng through a jungle. It’s now a much more immersive experience. Even when you’re looking at small details, just revolving around things. Shallow depth of field, little rotates, you know, just bringing these tiny details to life in a way that we weren’t able to do before.”

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