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Framestore Reimagines Post-Production Workflow to Deliver Demanding VFX for ‘Mars’

To produce the extensive VFX for National Geographic’s hybrid narrative/documentary series Mars, visual effects house Framestore relied on a unique templated production workflow that allowed them to deliver demanding effects for six episodes.

As they explain on their site, “This nimble and adaptive approach to production resulted in the delivery of over 1000 shots across the series, designing and creating major assets including the Daedalus spacecraft, a rover, lava tube interiors, a subterranean habitat named Olympus Town, dust storms, habitats and equipment, as well as a vast number of augmented Mars exteriors. Driven by logic and attention to realism, Framestore drew on National Geographic’s team of science advisors as well as the in-depth knowledge resident in-house to ensure a ‘readable’ narrative for the near-future setting of Mars.”

“‘Mars offered us a unique opportunity to revamp our approach to TV VFX production,” says VFX supervisor Russell Dodgson. “Working closely with the development team early on, we were enlisted to help shape some of the narrative beats throughout the script to ensure that the VFX required would be both groundbreaking and achievable. The result is consistently high-quality VFX that work together with the other elements to tell this incredible story.”

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