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Formatt Introduces ProComp Filters

Formatt Filters

announced the launch of its new ProComp range of filters. ProComp was specifically designed to ensure problem-free blue and green screen production. In addition to virtually eliminating “spill” and “fringing” effects, ProComp improves motion blur, makes shooting transparent and highly reflective objects easier and increases the density of the matte.

The two most common and troublesome aspects of shooting in blue/green screen environments are “spill” and “fringing.” Spill occurs when the background color of the screen reflects onto the foreground, creating a slight tinge of the screen color on the object being shot in the foreground. Fringing, on the other hand is a glow that is created around the foreground object, typically when the object is backlit. Both are particularly problematic when shooting transparent or highly reflective objects, and both can typically be removed through time consuming and costly processes in post production.

Bogen Photo Corp is the exclusive distributor of Formatt Glass Filters in North America, and carries Formatt’s complete range of filters. The Formatt range includes Attenuated Color Graduated, Polarizing, Star Effects and Supermist Filters.