'Food Forward' Hits the Road with Sachtler

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Greg Roden

While shooting the PBS series Food Forward, producer/director Greg Roden added the Sachtler Ace fluid head and tripod system to his arsenal. “With just a cinematographer using a Sony EX3 or Canon EOS 5D running onboard sound or sync sound, I am able to sling a Sachtler Ace over my shoulder and head out for an all-day shoot in any location, far from a production vehicle,” he explains.

For a recent episode in San Francisco, Roden recalls, “We started our shoot by hopping on a crowded mid-morning BART train and were able to grab a few shots on the moving train using the Ace. By setting the head to zero drag, the tripod gave us additional stability on medium-tight shots while giving us the freedom and flexibility as if we were shooting handheld.”