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Filmmakers Capture Volcano Eruption in 8K

Filmmaker Martin Heck happened upon a volcano eruption in Southern Chile back in April and put the filmmaking equipment he and his crew from Timestorm Films had to good use.

Heck shot in both 8K and 4K on a Pentax 645Z and a Canon EOS 6D as well as in 4K on the Sony A7s.

As he explains on the video’s description, “After an amazing night under the night sky we took the cable car downwards after a delay caused by repairs. Already late we headed south to catch the ferry on Routa 7 down to Patagonia. After 10min on the ferry we noticed a massive, almost nuclear looking cloud boiling upwards just were we left a few hours ago. Frenetically looking for a good outlook we then rushed to the only non-forested place to get a decent view of the show. We quickly put every bit of camera-equipment we could find on the constantly growing mushroom-cloud.”

Watch below. (via Indiewire)