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Filmmaker Reflects on the Paradoxes of NYC with Short Film Shot on the Samsung NX1

Ed David’s film “The Quiet Escape” may be a bit cynical about New York but it is nevertheless beautifully shot on the Samsung NX1.

As David explains on his Vimeo page, “This was shot on the Samsung NX1 with Nikon 35mm AIS lens and one shot on the 100mm Leica R lens. The camera is great because it can shoot 4k internally to H.265 which is a brand new codec and has incredibly natural resolution and beautiful skintones and quick-changing firmware! Shot mostly in UHD mode at 29.97 fps that I slowed down in post. My picture profile is contrast all the way down and saturation minus two. I desaturated in post. I shot before the new firmware that added GAMMA DR settings but I am still very happy with the highlight rolloff. Also the shutter in UHD is not as bad as DCP 4k mode–I’m quite happy with that.”

Watch below.