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‘Filmage’ Postproduction Rocks with AJA

For the documentary Filmage: The Story of DESCENDENTS/ALL, a film tracing the history of the punk rock band Descendents, the production amassed more than 50 captured segments on top of hours of fan content, tour photos, videos and memorabilia. Faced with integrating so many formats and frame rates, co-editor James Rayburn turned to AJA’s Io XT as a portable workflow solution.

Throughout post, Rayburn, with fellow editor Justin Wilson, churned through hours of footage, relying on a laptop, Avid Media Composer, AJA Io XT, an LCD monitor and two smaller Asus monitors. The laptop drove the Asus monitors, sending a video signal through the Io XT so that the edit could be reviewed in real time. Rayburn says, “I can just plug it into my computer, fire it up, and just like that we’re monitoring my Avid cut using the HDMI out from the Io XT.”