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FCP X Handles Over 70TB of Footage for Ambitious Holocaust Museum AR Project

The UK’s National Holocaust Centre and Museum has embarked on an ambitious new project called The Forever Project which brings Holocaust survivors’ stories into augmented reality, allowing future generations to interact with them and hear and respond to their vital recollections.

The project ultimately resulted in over 70TB of 4K 3D footage which was all handled in Final Cut Pro X.

“The span and the ambition of this project is huge,” editor Tom Sefton tells “Not only did we need to record the personal story of each survivor in a highly efficient yet sympathetic way, but for every survivor we also needed to record the individual answers to over a thousand of different questions harvested from schoolchildren who have met the survivor in the last few years. Every stereoscopic 4K Red RAW clip we recorded needed to be aligned, synced with external audio from our studio recording desk, edited so we only kept the responses, and exported with unique metadata tags applied to both streams to allow the speech processing engine to play back the correct answer for any possible question asked by the live audience. The project is one that we are immensely proud to have been involved with. It has been an unforgettable, challenging and mammoth 2 years.”

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The Forever Project from Green Cave People on Vimeo.