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FAA Predicts Continued Growth for Drone Industry

The FAA’s newly released forecast predicts that the number of hobbyist drones will triple by 2021, going from 

1.1 million in 2016 to 3.55 million units.


Unmanned Aerial Online

, “As for commercial drones, the FAA brings up the notion that the numbers will depend on the ‘regulatory environment’ (i.e., what the agency itself is in charge of advancing). Specifically, the FAA predicts the country’s 42,000-drone fleet at the end of 2016 could rise to a 442,000-drone fleet by 2021 – representing an average annual growth rate of 58.6%. On the other hand, the agency offers a high case of 1.62 million and a low case of 237,900 in 2021.”

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