Extreme Athletes Star in Red Bull's Real-Life Moustrap

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Elaborate real-life contraptions are no match for the world-class extreme athletes features in this Red Bull corporate video. Watch Lolo Jones, Ryan Sheckler, Pat Moore and others set off a series of delightful chain reactions. (via Discovery)


The BoxCaster from BoxCast

BoxCast Partners with 1Source for Live Streaming

BoxCast (www.boxcast.com) today announced it has partnered with 1SourceVideo (www.1sourcevideo.com) to extend BoxCast’s reach into new global live streaming and video production markets. Renowned in the industry for its expertise in delivering quality, comprehensive broadcast production, post production and live streaming video solutions, training and support resources, 1SourceVideo is mobilizing its global reseller network to deliver the BoxCast Live Streaming Platform to organizations seeking to capitalize on the live streaming phenomenon.