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Evolving Technology Allows ‘Planet Earth II’ to Experience the Lives of Animals

The BBC’s Planet Earth II, which premieres in the U.S. on BBC America on January 28th, takes an even deeper, more intimate look at wildlife than its lauded predecessor, thanks in large part to evolving technology.

“One of the differentiators between the original Planet Earth series and this series is the technology,” said executive producer Mike Gunton, as reported by Fast Company‘s Co.Create. “The first series had that sense of almost a godlike perspective in observing. Looking down upon the planet from a helicopter perspective is a very strong one using gyro-stabilized camera mounts. With this series, we took that technology, miniaturized it, and put it in the hands of the cameramen, so they could take the camera off the tripod. Drones allow a middle ground. That’s allowed us to, rather than observe, actually experience the lives of the animals.”

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