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Escape Studios and Sohonet In High Speed Venture

Sohonet, the first and largest high bandwidth connector for the global entertainment industry, has connected Escape Studios as the newest member of its international network. Escape Studios is a leading CGI training and consultation facility for professionals and students based in London and one of the most innovative CGI boutiques in the world, offering clients everything from bespoke training, recruitment and outsourcing, to software and hardware solutions. Escape will utilize the Sohonet system for its groundbreaking new Escape PODS graduate program.

“We are embracing a new way of ingraining up-and-coming CGI talent into the television and filmmaking world,” said Dominic Davenport CEO of Escape

Studios. “Through our Escape PODS program and the Sohonet network we are

able to give our graduates real time exposure to actual projects and a vital

first step into the industry.”

The Escape PODS initiative works with graduate students of Escape Studios’

CGI program, giving them experience on actual television and film projects

from partner, Moving Picture Company (MPC). Through Sohonet, MPC is able

to send data in real time to Escape Studios, where recent graduates perform

CGI work as fully paid freelancers on current MPC projects. Further studio

partners for the Escape Pods program are expected to come onboard in early


“This is a very exciting initiative that Escape has created for its students, and a new workflow model, which the industry is sure to adopt quickly,” said Dave Scammell, CEO of Sohonet. “Sohonet is proud to be a key factor in our industry’s evolution along with our newest network resident, Escape Studios.”

Through Sohonet’s secure ultra-high-speed collaboration network, Escape

Studios is able to, quickly and easily, engage and transfer large data files

among any company connected to the Sohonet global network such as the Escape PODS partner, Moving Picture Company. Additionally, Escape Studios is now connected to Sohonet’s global network and is able to collaborate with all subscribers on the system.

Sohonet is the first and largest high bandwidth connector for the global

entertainment industry, providing a fast and advanced digital media network

that links a range of companies within the film, broadcast, advertising and

multimedia industries. As experts on long-link connectivity, with a global

networking conduit spanning three continents, Sohonet is the pre-eminent

resource for end-to-end consultation on all matters of broadband

connectivity. Put simply, Sohonet is the world’s surest path for transferring digital content.

Along with the transmission of full-bandwidth data, audio and moving

imagery, Sohonet also provides fast and flexible Internet access, e-mail and

a fully managed firewall service. The world’s leading production studios,

post-production houses and advertising agencies rely on Sohonet’s

experience, professionalism and security for their digital media networking

needs. Recent projects handled by Sohonet include “Harry Potter and the

Order of the Phoenix,” “Casino Royale,” “Stardust,” HBO’s series, “ROME,”

and “The Bourne Ultimatum.” Sohonet is an independently owned company with offices in London, Los Angeles and Sydney.

Escape Studios has built a global reputation delivering premium training,

recruitment, software and hardware services to the global computer graphics

(CG) community. The London based company boasts one of the world’s foremost schools of computer animation and visual effects. Unlike anywhere else in the world Escape’s partnerships with top studios gives students the

opportunity to work on ‘live’ visual effects and games projects such as

Battlefield 360 (X-Box 360) and X-Men 3 : The Last Stand. In addition, their

knowledge and experience has positioned Escape Studios as the leading visual effects recruiter in the UK as well Europe’s largest reseller for Autodesk

Maya, Pixar RenderMan and Boxx Technologies.